Julia Spidusova (under the artistic name Julia von Bohem) was born in Martin, formal Czechoslovakia, now the Slovak Republic. Her father played the piano, her mother played the organ in the church and sang in folklore groups. At the music school in Martine she received her first piano lessons at the age of six. She also sang in the church choir. After almost ten years of classical piano studies and high school graduation, she moved to Holland, where at that time a small part of her family lived. There she first came in contact with jazz for the first time when she heard it live at the famous North Sea Jazz Festival in Rotterdam. The influence of this beautiful artistic genre was so intense that it grew up in her studies. Julia continues to study jazz music at the Prayner Conservatory of Music and Dramatic Arts in Vienna.

Andrej Jankech, 18-year-old talented double bass player, born in Serbia in the city of Pozarevac in the Slovak-Serbian musical family. Son of accordion virtuoso Miroslav Jankech. His parents are music professors. In five years he went to the music school to learn violin. He played her until 14 years. Later he started to learn to play the bass guitar himself. Currently, Andrej studies classical double bass at the Richard Wagner Conservatory in Vienna and attends private jazz lessons with the renowned Slovak double bass player Stefan “Pista” Bartus.

Igor Frntic, born in a small village of Poljana near the city of Varazdin in Croatia. At the age of five he started to play the drums and the piano. He studied classical percussion at the Music High School in Varazdin. He then moved to Vienna, where he studied jazz drums from 2011 to 2018 and jazz piano at the Vienna Conservatory. Igor has experience from various projects such as: Melun Quartet, Big Band Cakovec, Jam Ritual, Larry Lofquitz Trio, Fatnotes Quartet, Thirsty Eyes, Prince Zeka, Buku Weinrich Group,…


The charismatic pianist and singer Julia von Bohem can not hide her passion and love for jazz. Together with the young talented double bass player Andrej Jankech and drummer Roland Hochenauer, who completes the trio with great feeling, they form a “straight ahead” trio, the well-known standards that one always likes to hear interpreted in a relaxed way.

Julia von Bohem, piano, vocals                                                                                                                                                                             Andrej Jankech, bass                                                                                                                                                                                                     Igor Frntic, drums


21.12.2018 | 20:30 | Cafe Bar Quentin | Kaiserstrasse 96 | 1070 | Vienna

9.1.2019 | 21:00 | Celeste Jazz Club | Hamburgerstrasse 18 | 1050 | Vienna

29.1.2019  | 20:30 | Cafe Concerto  | Lerchenfelder Gürtel 53 | 1160 | Vienna

13.2.2019 | 20:30 | Tunnel Vienna Live |  Florianigasse 39 | 1080 | Vienna

1.3.2019 | 20:30 | Kafe Scherz |  Palisády 27  | 811 03 | Bratislava

12.3.2019 | 21:00 | Fania Live | U-Bahn Bogen Gürtellinie 22-23 | 1080 | Vienna

15.4. | 21:00 | Cafe Carina | Josefstädterstrasse 84 | 1080 | Vienna

11.6.2019 | 21:00 | Cafe Concerto | Lerchenfelder Gürtel 53 | 1160 | Vienna

19.6.2019 | 18:30 | Slovak Institute in Vienna | Wipplingerstrasse 24-26 | 1010 | Vienna

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Two jazz musicians from Eastern Europe meet each other and go on “Girls Trip” through swing, bossa, bebop, funk and blues … A unique connection between harmony and melody brings this women’s duo.

Svetlana Vysochanska, alt-saxophone                                                                                                                                                                  Julia von Bohem, piano


20.1.2019  |  Kabarett Cafe Kreuzberg  |  Neustiftgasse 103  | 1070  | Vienna

19.3.2019  |  Fania Live | U-Bahn Bogen Gürtellinie 22-23 | 1080 | Vienna

29.3.2019  |  Cafe Bar Quentin | Kaiserstrasse 96 | 1070 | Vienna

29.3.2019 | First Floor | Seitenstettengasse 5 | 1010 | Vienna

5.4.2019 |  First Floor | Seitenstettengasse 5 | 1010 | Vienna 

6.6.2019 | Francis Vienna|  Weihburggasse 18-20 1010 Vienna

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Piano Lessons (Klavierunterricht) ♫ 

EN: I teach piano, private. So I offer private piano lessons for beginners and lightly advanced. Classical, Jazz or Pop. By me, in the Vienna’s 7th district, or If you have piano at home, I will come to you. 

D: Ich unterrichte, Klavier, privat. So ich biete privaten Klavierunterricht für Anfänger und leicht Fortgeschrittene an. Klassik, Jazz oder Pop. Bei mich, im 7. Wiener Bezirk, oder wenn du zuhause Klavier hast, werde ich zu dir kommen.