La Tormenta

My first post from Italy. Mamma Miiiiia how is this country wonderful and exotic!! The fashion, the food, the warm climate, the people! I am wordless. It felt like we were somewhere in exotic Mexico. This post is focused on my 100 years old skirt hehe. Pure vintage, but still shining. More photos and posts […]

Fading into Fall

Well, the sun is still shining, but will be ever weaker and weaker… I am ready for the change to wear again booties every day! Plus to that my autumn uniforms – warm dresses and overalls. Here is my boho inspiration for the warm september days. Áno, slnko stále svieti, ale bude stále slabšie a […]

Hoek van Holland

I think these boho dress fit perfectly to this wild sand location. Even when they are from the debatable Primark. I don’t visit often this shop, but when I do and some patterns impress me, i take them. And i falled in love with this maxi boho dress on the first sight. I was searching […]

Into the Woods

Come and get lost with me into the magical woods. I consider it is important to visit nature from time to time…well for me quite very much, because I am living in big city as Vienna. Honestly, I love both sides. As I am young I like to be surrounded by the rush of big […]

Festival Outfit

The Festival Seasson is here! Yay! Let’s dance till the sun comes up and feel the good vibes. For me festival means summer and with it connected light materials, fringes, a lot of boho patterns, skirts, laces, crochets, feathers and hats of course. You can enjoy a lot of this now in the shops, now […]

Volksgarten Wien

Oh my got, how is this place wonderful!! Vienna doesn’t stop impressing me. It’s really the most beautiful city in the world. Especially this district around City Hall (Rathaus), Museum District ( Museum Quartier) and National Garden (Volksgarten) are stunning. One week ago we went to shoot some nice photo’s here with one photographer from […]