1991  born in Martin, Czechoslovakia (today Slovakia)

1997 – 2007  Piano & Music Theory, Art School Martin

2016 – 2017  Piano, Sing & Music Composition, Academy Deutsche POP Vienna

2017 – now   Jazz singing, Vienna Conservatory of Music & Arts

18AB2569v Neu_preview

Hi, my original name is Julia Spidusova, I was born in Martin, formal Czechoslovakia. I live in Vienna, Austria. Because I’m extremely creative person, I want to put my artistic thoughts to something with sense as much as I’m searching art in almost everything. So I created myself artistic name ~ Julia von Bohem ~ . I have a big passion for Music, Art, Vintage Fashion and Art at all. I am living in artistic & busy Vienna where I study Jazz singing. I do my best to be a good, qualified musician. Anyway my biggest dream should be to have own band, drawing in influences from Jazz/Latin Jazz & Blues. But till then I would love to play in bands, collaborate with artists and musicians, which fits my styles.                                                                                                                 

❝ Julia von Bohem, 26 years young, music student, piano, sing, 50’s, 70’s, wild thing, hats obsessed, free-spirit, bohemian, peace, art, a cat person, festivals, good vibes, friends,…❝


The “earth” without “art” is just “eh”



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