I can’t wait to move to Vienna. This city is just too beautiful! I mean not in vain for years Vienna leads in quality of life in cities around the world. I very love this artistic and musical city. It feels like I have finally found the right place to live for me. Here are a few moments from my last hauls…

Nemôžem sa dočkať, keď sa presťahujem do Viedne. Toto mesto je jednoducho príliš krásne! Mám na mysli nie nadarmo po celé roky Vieden vedie v kvalite života v mestách po celom svete. Veľmi som si zamilovala toto umelecké a hudobné mesto. Vyzerá to tak, že som konečne našla pre mňa to správne miesto na život. Tu je niekoľko okamihov z mojich posledných záťahov…

Stoked to be surrounded with the beauty of this city.

Donube City by night looks magic. View from my friend Petra’s place.


Skyline with the observation wheel of Prater.

Another overwiev of Prater’s wheel plus skyscrapers of Danubecity (Donaustadt).

Vienna by night.

Vienna has the best public transport! I absolutelly love green line of Vienna’s Underground, it’s so artistic! I can’t stop looking on the old historic stations and suck the flow of world metropol.

Here station Stadtpark at late 70’s.

Outfit details

I don’t smoke, but this pack was worth to buy it. American Spirit, amazing americana bohemian design!

In bear garden ready to eat some huge ‘Wiener Schnitzel’ & drink some huge austria’s beer.

Vienna Ice Dream (Wiener Eistraum) is really like a dream!!

In the background castle Belvedere on my way back t Pressburg.

St. Stephan’s cathedral.





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